Gordon Ryan vs. Andre Galvao Superfight In The Works For ADCC 2022

Gordon Ryan vs. Andre Galvao Superfight In The Works For ADCC 2022

There isn’t as many matches that the grappling world wants to see as much as the Gordon Ryan vs. Andre Galvao one. However, due to Ryan’s stomach issues, that prospect seemed bleak.

The 3x ADCC champion was forced to take a leave of absence due to health problems, stating that:

My stomach isn’t cooperating with me any more. Most of you by now know it’s been an uphill battle for 3 years ever since the staph antibiotics messed up my stomach. Effective immediately, I will be taking a leave of absence from competition. My stomach is at a point now where I can’t train properly. It was always an issue, but it’s been progressively getting worse as time goes on…
I was supposed to compete once a month until October, I’ve pulled out of all of them and don’t plan on making a return until my stomach is 100% better, if it ever is.

But nevertheless, Ryan took to solving the problem. In a recent Instagram post, Gordon wrote about going to a new company, where he was given a treatment that’s been working well for his health:

This is what they gave me 3 weeks ago. While I’m still only around 50% of where I need to be (treatment takes 4-6 weeks to fully work, if it’s going to), I will say I am able to eat more than I have been in years. For the 1st time in 3 years I am able to somewhat enjoy a meal.

His recent Instagram post apparently shows that he’s been successful at eating properly and gaining mass:

But here’s the kicker: it seems that the superfight between him and Andre Galvao is going to happen next year!
The ADCC posted a picture of the two, with a caption: “Luckily we are adding border mats for ADCC 2022”, whereas Mo Jassim – the man behind the ADCC – wrote in the comment section:

Get the snickers all out now lol because we all know once they compete next year most of us will be watching.

Check out the post and Jassim’s full comment here:


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