[WATCH] Unique Triangle Choke & Kneebar Submission At Octagon 46 Event

[WATCH] Unique Triangle Choke & Kneebar Submission At Octagon 46 Event

When was the last time you saw a great Triangle Choke finish in an MMA match? What about a Kneebar?
And what about both a Triangle and Kneebar at the same time?

Well, that’s something that Aktore Batyrbek, Kazakhstani professional MMA fighter, pulled off against Shakhzod Dzhurakulov in the recent OCTAGON 46 event in Kazakhstan.

The Russian national went for a takedown early in round 1, after a brief exchange on the feet.
But Batyrbek managed to wrap him up in a Triangle Choke…

And then get a Kneebar in place as well!

He got the tap fast enough. Watch it take place on the video below:

Aktore Batyrbek now sports a 6-2 professional MMA record, whereas Dzhurakulov dropped to a 6-7 one.

And, in case you want to watch more awesome Triangle Choke finishes, then here’s one from Hollywood actor Tom Hardy:

Hardy has recently been promoted to the rank of a BJJ purple belt.

The promotion was originally announced through a cryptic Instagram post, which was later confirmed by the belt manufacturer he tagged in a follow-up post.

He joins the ranks of other celebrity BJJ competitors such as Zoltan Bathory and Mario Lopez, but has quickly become one of the most successful competitors among them.