[WATCH] Parent Attacks BJJ Referee During Tournament

[WATCH] Parent Attacks BJJ Referee During Tournament

Parents are often times very passionate about their children’s activities, including sports. And yes, including Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu…
Where, sometimes, they tend to go over the board.

However, what you’re about to watch is even worse than the “usual” parents’ arguing with the referees, coaches, and children.
It’s got to do with an actual physical assault of a parent on a BJJ tournament referee.

It appears that the incident took place at a Grappling Industries event. The referee can be seen talking with someone, when the other person shoots for a takedown and drops him.
From there, the people around attempt to break up the two, but appear to be having some significant trouble doing so.

No matter what the case might have been, there is no excuse for such a behavior at a tournament. Especially in front of (your) children competing in it.
Watch the takedown and the brawl that took place on the video below:

One of the people who seemed to notice what has happened commented on the video with more details, saying that in fact it wasn’t a parent but someone else:

It wasn’t a parent the coach was being a little loud over a match.
The table worker asked him to chill it’s only a kids match 2 times then they stood up. The tackler was the coaches son.

No parent was involved and it wasn’t over missing points.