[WATCH] Merab Dvalishvili Outgrapples Indian Beach Wrestlers

[WATCH] Merab Dvalishvili Outgrapples Indian Beach Wrestlers

Merab Dvalishvili is not just dominating inside the UFC octagon…
But he decided to do the same thing on the beaches of India – by utilizing his superior grappling skills!

In a video shared on his official Instagram account, Dvalishvili can be seen engaging in friendly grappling matches with beachgoers in India – effortlessly demonstrating his wrestling skills.

Despite their best efforts, the locals were no match for the UFC bantamweight contender – who even “invented” new wrestling moves during the matches.
And, even though one individual managed to briefly catch the fighter off guard, Dvalishvili quickly turned the tables with a swift reversal.

The sparring sessions were all in good fun and Dvalishvili ensured the safety of his opponents, making sure no one got hurt:


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In addition to his beachside sparring sessions, Dvalishvili also took the time to connect with Indian fans during a “Meet & Greet” session at UFC’s gym in Bandra, Mumbai.
He also indulged in street food and sampled the country’s culinary delights.