Rampage Jackson Demonstrates His Favorite Anti-Jiu-Jitsu Technique: ‘Fish Gill Guillotine”

Rampage Jackson Demonstrates His Favorite Anti-Jiu-Jitsu Technique: ‘Fish Gill Guillotine”

In a recent episode of the JAXXON Podcast, MMA legend Rampage Jackson showcased one of his go-to techniques for defending against grappling. The video, which quickly gained traction, shows Jackson humorously and effectively demonstrating the “fish gill guillotine” technique to WWE legend wrestler Rey Mysterio.

The Fish Gill Technique

The video begins with a playful exchange between Rampage Jackson and the podcast hosts. One host recounts a previous encounter with Jackson, saying, “He stuck his fingers up my throat the other day. I still can’t breathe. What you call that move?” Jackson responds with a grin, “The fish gill.”

It’s a midified guillotine choke, although it’s not actually a choke. Rampage jams his fingers into the lower part of the opponent’s jaw as they shoot in with the head, either attempting a takedown or sweep. This adds a terryfying amount of pressure.

In fishing, you only grab a fish by the gills if you are not concerned with its survival. The gills are the most sensitive part of the fish and with many species grabbing by the gills will spell doom, which is not an issue if you are going to eat it.

Eager to share his knowledge, Jackson offers to demonstrate the technique. “I should show you. Let me show you the… come see, try to take it down,” he instructs. Then he tells the host to try it out, attempting a takedown while Jackson explains the move. “Just grab it right here, damn, right underneath,” Jackson directs, guiding the host’s hand to the correct position.

Hands-On Demonstration

Rey Mysterio experiences the technique firsthand, and Jackson emphasizes the importance of feeling the move to understand its effectiveness. “Go easy on me. I got to feel it,” the host remarks, clearly impressed by the simplicity and effectiveness of the fish gill.

Jackson encourages him to try the move himself. “You got to do it back. Don’t hurt me. Right here, yeah,” Jackson says, showing how to apply pressure. Everybody is laughing, acknowledging the unique and somewhat unorthodox technique.

The fish gill technique, while unconventional, shows Jackson’s creativity and resourcefulness in defending against grappling maneuvers. It’s a testament to his extensive experience and deep understanding of mixed martial arts.