The Awkward Moment a Podcaster Asked MMA Legend Mark Coleman If He Ever Took St**oids

The Awkward Moment a Podcaster Asked MMA Legend Mark Coleman If He Ever Took St**oids

In a recent interview on the JAXXON Podcast, an awkward and uninformed question was directed at UFC Hall of Famer Mark Coleman. The podcast, who feature MMA legend Quinton ‘Rampage’ Jackson and his host, who is a not a fighter, is known for its light-hearted and candid conversations, took an unexpected turn when the host asked Coleman if he had ever used steroids.

The Awkward Moment

The interview began with the host mentioning a video where Joe Rogan tried to hug Coleman, which led to a humorous and somewhat physical encounter. Coleman recounted the incident, saying, “It was after one of Joe’s comedy shows. I met him, gave him a little hug, but then we hugged and it turned into a little wrestling thing.” He explained that Rogan ended up in an awkward position, and he accidentally tossed him into a wall. “Everybody thinks Joe let up because he had my back, but his face was in my lower back. He didn’t have my back; he had my middle lower back,” Coleman clarified. “I was clearing some space; he was off balance, so I chucked him into the wall. Thank God he wasn’t hurt, man.”

The mood of the conversation shifted when the host, seemingly out of the blue, asked Coleman if he had ever used steroids during his MMA career. The question was met with a mix of surprise and discomfort.

Coleman’s Response

Despite the awkwardness of the situation, Coleman handled the question with grace and laughed out loudly.

Rampage Jackson come to his rescue saying: “Don’t ask that question to a legend.”

Coleman has addressed the topic in various interviews over the years. He has openly discussed the pressures and realities of performance-enhancing drug use in the sport, providing insights into the complexities athletes face.

“Yes of course. They weren’t testing (in Pride) Everybody was on them.”

This incident highlights the importance of research and sensitivity when interviewing sports legends and public figures. While the host’s question may have been intended to provoke an interesting response, it underscores the need for a respectful approach to discussions about athletes’ careers and personal choices.

Despite the uncomfortable moment, Coleman maintained his composure and continued the interview on a positive note. He even mentioned his anticipation of appearing on Joe Rogan’s show in the near future, saying, “We good. I’m about to go on Rogan’s show one of these days here pretty soon. That’ll be fun.”