[WATCH] Guy Pulls Guard & Triangle Chokes Attacker Who Tried To Rob Him

[WATCH] Guy Pulls Guard & Triangle Chokes Attacker Who Tried To Rob Him

When it comes to self defense scenarios on the street, it’s almost never a good idea to pull guard – because you never know if the other person has friends around the corner, waiting to attack (for example, stomp) you.
However, that is not to say that pulling guard doesn’t work. Especially if you can set up a Triangle Choke immediately after.

And, well, that is exactly what Erick Tayllon did. He is a BJJ coach who got attacked by an alleged robber – and here is how that ended, as explained by Rener Gracie:

Never pull guard in a street fight… Unless you HAVE to.
Attempted robbery in Brazil, except the targeted victim – Erick Tayllon – is a Jiu-Jitsu teacher.

The attacker strangles him against the truck, and then starts punching him in the face. The only problem is, Erick only has one arm – because his other arm is in a sling, recovering from a surgery.
Normally, in this situation he could clinch, body fold takedown, and finish with an easy Armbar.

Tayllon opted for another solution, however:

But with one arm, he decides to pull guard – which allows him to use his legs to manage the distance…
Before slipping his leg up and over the shoulder for the Triangle Choke.

He holds the Triangle for several minutes, while throwing strikes with his good arm – before eventually making his exit.


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