Throwback: The Day When Wiz Khalifa Honored Leandro Lo

Throwback: The Day When Wiz Khalifa Honored Leandro Lo

Leandro Lo was tragically murdered on August 7, 2022, in a night club in Brazil.
The entire world mourned his death – and not “just” BJJ athletes, but also people such as Wiz Khalifa, world-famous rapper.

Less than a month after the tragic event, Wiz Khalifa honored the 5-division (lightweight, middleweight, light heavyweight, heavyweight, absolute) and 8x black belt world champion – during a concert held in Pennsylvania (United States).

The tribute took place during the “See you again” song performance.
Various photos of singers, artists, and athletes were shown on the big screen. Paul Walker, rapper DMX, as well as Leandro Lo were among those who were remembered.

Watch it take place on the video below:

Wiz Khalifa has been training BJJ since 2017, as a student of Rigan Machado.
He’s also been training MMA and loves the sport, as he emphasized in Logan Paul’s IMPAULSIVE podcast:

I’ve been training for like five years now.
I don’t know, I fu*k with it, it’s just fun. It’s cool to learn new sh*t.

I think the older you get, you just get into different things like your body just tells you what’s cool and what’s not cool.

I’m kind of just open for whatever. Jiu-Jitsu, wrestling, striking, it’s whatever.
If you want to teach me some sh*t, I’m down to learn.