Subversiv 6: Checkmat Team Wins Gold

Subversiv 6: Checkmat Team Wins Gold

Subversiv 6 – a Subversiv team tournament – took place a couple of days ago in Los Angeles and featured a night of superb grappling. In short, the event was won by the Checkmat team; consisting out of Elder Cruz, Jensen Gomes and Thamires Monteiro. They faced Legion Jiu-Jitsu in the finals, with Keenan Cornelius’ team consisting out of Miha Perhavec, Sloan Clymer, and Paige Ivette.



Checkmat v Trifuno:

Jansen Gomes defeats Hector Reyes (via Armbar)
Elder Cruz defeats Kyle Ennis (via Decision)
Thamires Monteiro defeats Rachel Silverman (via Decision)
Checkmat wins 3-0

CSW v F2W Carlito:

Javier Garcia defeats Nick Birgel (via Arm Triangle)
Seth Daniels defeats Jackie Gosh (via Decision)
Brittney Elkin defeats Jennifer Flores (via Decision)
F2W Carlito wins 2-1

10th Planet v Tillis BJJ:

Alex Magala defeats Noah Tillis (via Heel Hook)
Wes Levine defeats Anthony Aguilera (via Armbar)
Bri Robertson defeats Jenny Armenta (via Heel Hook)
10th Planet wins 3-0

Peerless Jiu-Jitsu v Legion:

Miha Perhavec defeats Patrick Becker (via Kneebar)
Sloan Clymer defeats Diego Vazquez (via Decision)
Paige Ivette defeats Jackie Cataline (via Heel Hook)
Legion wins 3-0


Subversiv 6: Semi Finals

Legion v 10th Planet:

Sloan Clymer defeats Wes Levinevia (via Rear Naked Choke)
Paige Ivette defeats Bri Robertson (via Decision)
Legion wins 2-0

F2W Carlito v Checkmat:

Elder Cruz defeats Seth Daniels (via Rear Naked Choke)
Brittney Elkin defeats Thamires Monteiro (via Decision)
Jansen Gomes defeats Nick Birgel (via Decision)
Checkmat wins 2-1


Subversiv 6: Finals

Legion vs. Checkmat:

Paige Ivette defeats Thamires Monteiro (via Heel Hook)
Jansen Gomes defeats Miha Perhavec (via Decision)
Elder Cruz defeats Sloan Clymer (via Decision)
Checkmat wins 2-1