Royce Gracie Praises Gordon Ryan: “He’s Awesome”

Royce Gracie Praises Gordon Ryan: “He’s Awesome”

In a recent discussion about the landscape of today’s grappling world, Royce Gracie shared his thoughts on none other than one of the greatest and most controversial BJJ athletes of all time – Gordon Ryan.

And, well, it may come as a surprise to many that Royce has a very nuanced opinion about Ryan, suggesting that the New Wave representative is misunderstood by many.

Admiring Ryan’s relentless pursuit of greatness, he pointed out that Ryan’s seemingly provocative challenges are not meant to demean others – but are a testament to his own commitment to self-improvement:

Gordon is awesome, man… People misunderstand him.
He’s pushing himself.

You say you’re good… And he’ll call you out, embarrass you if you don‘t accept.
So, he’s challenging himself. He’s not doing it to embarrass you.

If you don’t say a word, he doesn’t mention you.
lf you say: “I’m the best upcoming fighter”, he’s gonna [be] knocking on your door.

So, it reminds me of my family.

Check out Royce Gracie’s full interview on the JAXXON podcast – including more information on his thoughts about Gordon Ryan: