Ronda Rousey Shares How It Feels To Break Someone’s Arm: “Like Tearing Apart A Turkey”

Ronda Rousey Shares How It Feels To Break Someone’s Arm: “Like Tearing Apart A Turkey”

Ever injured someone during Jiu-Jitsu, either in training or in competition?
Perhaps you broke someone’s arm, ankle, knee or similar?

How did that make you feel?
Well, as far as the former UFC megastar Ronda Rousey is concerned, the feeling she got from doing so is not a good one.

In a recently resurfaced interview – which took place before Rousey made her UFC debut – she explains what it’s like to break someone’s arm…
Be warned: you might not enjoy the explanation:

I don’t think it’s satisfying.
It kind of grosses me out.

I tell everybody, it kind of feels like tearing apart a turkey with a crotch.
It really does. It’s gross.

When you’re trying to get a turkey thing off and you feel all the cartilage and the tendons and the bones coming off, when you’re pulling it, it really is that exact feeling.

Rousey continued:

It’s gross. But that’s the way it is.
They’d try to do the exact same thing to me.

I’ve felt it being done to my own arms.

With that said, Rousey’s trademark submission throughout the years in the octagon was the actual Armbar!
But she doesn’t particularly enjoy being called a one-trick pony:

They don’t realize that I have so many setups to that Armbar that I don’t even know them all – I’ll make them up on the fly.

When you’re watching boxing and you see somebody knock someone out with a right hand every time, they’re not like: “Oh, they’re a one-trick pony.”

No, they have a billion different setups for that right hand.
And just because it ended with a right hand on the face, it doesn’t mean it’s the same thing every time.