Mo Jassim Promises Legal Action Against B-Team Athlete Who Allegedly Sucker-Punched ADCC Competitor

Mo Jassim Promises Legal Action Against B-Team Athlete Who Allegedly Sucker-Punched ADCC Competitor

A recent ADCC Dallas Open match saw a lot of action…
And not just the good kind – as punches were being thrown between two opposing teams.

Namely, after the B-Team’s competitor lost a match, his opponent stepped on his back in a sign of disrespect.
Which is when all hell broke loose – and multiple B-Team’s members got onto the mats, including Kieran Kichuk who allegedly sucker-punched the opponent.

And now it appears that the ADCC Head Organizer’s patience is running thin, as he has promised legal action against the athlete.
Here’s what Mo Jassim had to say in a series of social media posts, following the incident:

I have been told a well known competitor from B-Team just sucker punched a competitor at Dallas Open.
Smart move for an athlete on an athlete visa to the US.

I have been told that the victim wants to press charges and now I am going to pay for the lawyers.

People don’t know how to control themselves, I will show them how big the consequences will be.

Jassim followed up with yet another Instagram story:

Sounds like the victim is pressing charges against his opponent as well and was assaulted by 2 or more people.

Who are these pansies jumping someone at a grappling event?
My patience is 0 now.

I am going to hire the dream team in Texasa and show them what real pressure is.
I will make an example out of them, that is a guarantee.

Do you think that what Kichuk and other members of the B-Team had allegedly done justifies Jassim’s course of action?
Let us know your opinion.

Kieran Kichuk punching someone at ADCC Dallas
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