Roger Gracie Reveals The “Secret” To Gordon Ryan’s Success

Roger Gracie Reveals The “Secret” To Gordon Ryan’s Success

According to Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu legend Roger Gracie, Gordon Ryan’s success in the sport is not just because of his training…
But it is also because his approach is deeply rooted in an unmatched dedication to the sport.

Roger emphasized the sheer commitment of Ryan to his training in a recent “Connect Cast” podcast episode – a level of dedication he believes is unparalleled in the sport:

Look at how much Gordon Ryan trains. Which athlete is more dedicated than him? I don’t know any.
He’s reaping the fruits he planted.

Since he was 17, he’s been living on the mat with no holidays. The first time he took a vacation in 10 years was in 2022, and they almost had to force him to go because he trains seven days a week, twice a day.
It’s no wonder he’s good.

He’s super dedicated, he trains physically, never gets tired.
He’s super technical, doesn’t rely on his strength for his techniques.

He has personal merit, but his dedication to evolution is greater than any opponent.

Roger Gracie, now 42, has won ten world championships at the black belt level.
His last fight was in 2017, where he defeated Marcus Buchecha in the main event of Gracie Kore in Rio de Janeiro.


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