Ricardo Arona vs. Gordon Ryan: Who Would Win? Royler Gracie Shares His Opinion

Ricardo Arona vs. Gordon Ryan: Who Would Win? Royler Gracie Shares His Opinion

In a fascinating discussion on the “Connect Cast” podcast, Jiu-Jitsu legend Royler Gracie delved into the intriguing hypothetical matchup…
Between former MMA fighter Ricardo Arona and Gordon Ryan!

Royler, a Hall of Famer and three-time ADCC champion, emphasized the challenges of comparing fighters from different eras.
He shared his thoughts:

If Gordon went back to Arona’s time, he would be crushed, but if Arona came to the present, it would be the same.
Everything has changed; it’s a different phase. There’s no comparison.

The 100-meter sprinter still runs the same distance as 30, 50 years ago. But shoes, clothing, everything has changed.
Technology has made things much easier.

If you put today’s runner in that era, with that equipment, he’s going to struggle.

Ricardo Arona, now 45, has had a remarkable MMA career – with 14 wins in 19 fights; including victories againt Alistair Overeem, Dan Henderson, Kazushi Sakuraba, and even Wanderlei Silva.
Arona also shone in the ADCC, winning the under 99kg category in 2000 and 2001, and the absolute category in 2001.

On the other hand, 28-year-old Gordon Ryan, sidelined indefinitely due to health issues, is well-known as the current no-gi GOAT; undefeated in the sport since May 2018.
His last competition in October saw him defeat Patrick Gaudio at “Who’s Number One 20”. Unfortunately, a rib fracture forced him to withdraw from 2023 bouts against Lucas Hulk at WNO and Mason Fowler at UFC Invitational 4.