OF Model Elle Brooke Criticizes Paige VanZant For Not Promoting Their Fight

OF Model Elle Brooke Criticizes Paige VanZant For Not Promoting Their Fight

OnlyFans model Elle Brooke will face against former UFC fighter Paige VanZant in a boxing match next Saturday.
And she is now criticizing VanZant for “not doing enough to promote their fight”.

Brooke spoke about what she perceives as a lack of commitment from her opponent:

I’m here to make this fight as big as possible and to get as much views as possible.
Paige didn’t come to the Twitter space.

She couldn’t be bothered to do that, she couldn’t even turn up for that.
She went home on the second day in Houston.

I flew out 10 hours on a flight each way and she wasn’t even there the second day.
It’s what you have to do to get people interested.

And, well, VanZant says that she personally is not used to promoting events “the influencer way”:

I am used to a different type of organization.
You just show up to the UFC and fight.

I’m new to the influencer world.
I’m not really sure what else anyone expects me to do.

I’m here to fight, that’s it. I have one goal, one job.
Every single hour of my day is dedicated and time blocked preparing for this fight, preparing to win.

Brooke disagreed back:

I think to me, No. 1, it was rude because if you want to be in this space, this is what you have to do.

When you took this fight, you probably thought what’s it about?
Everyone knows what it’s about.

Whether it’s Jake Paul, Logan Paul, KSI, people know, so to be like: “This is new to me, I don’t know how to promote this”, I think that’s a bit of a cop out.