Israeli BJJ Black Belt Shares D*ath Threats Khamzat Sent Him; Challenges Him to BJJ Match in Response

Israeli BJJ Black Belt Shares D*ath Threats Khamzat Sent Him; Challenges Him to BJJ Match in Response

In MMA, conflicts sometimes extend beyond the cage, manifesting in real-world tensions and dramatic confrontations. One such incident involves Israeli MMA star and 5th-degree Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu black belt, Haim Gozali, and the prominent Chechen fighter Khamzat Chimaev. This story is a blend of martial prowess, political controversy, and personal survival.

The Provocative Social Media Post

Haim Gozali, a seasoned fighter known for his tenure in Bellator and his outspoken nature, found himself at the center of a storm after a controversial social media post. Gozali wrote the names of four Muslim UFC fighters—Khabib Nurmagomedov, Islam Makhachev, Khamzat Chimaev, and Belal Muhammad—on a bomb and posted the image online. This incendiary post was seen by many as a direct provocation and quickly garnered a massive backlash, including death threats from numerous individuals, notably Khamzat Chimaev.

Chimaev sent a personal death threat to Gozali, who answered him with an offer for a submission only Jiu-Jitsu match:

Death Threats and an Assassination Attempt

Gozali’s actions and statements have long made him a target of hostility, particularly from those who view his remarks as inflammatory and anti-Semitic. The threats escalated dramatically following his controversial post. Gozali recently claimed that he survived an assassination attempt in Ukraine, an incident that underscores the severity of the animosity he faces.

According to Gozali, he, his son Elad, and their coach Ben El Hasid arrived at a hotel near the Romanian border for an MMA competition. Shortly after their arrival, they were allegedly targeted in an assassination attempt. The group managed to escape to the hotel roof, where they were assisted by local police who eventually deported them from Ukraine.

The Aftermath and Accusations

Following the harrowing experience, Gozali took to social media to express his frustration and concern. He accused local authorities of attempting to cover up the incident by preventing them from staying in the country or testifying about the attack. He pointed to ongoing threats from various sources and prominent figures in MMA, specifically naming Khabib Nurmagomedov and Khamzat Chimaev as possible orchestrators behind the assassination attempt. Gozali’s provocative online presence, including the bomb post, has led to over 150 propaganda videos being made against him.

In a detailed post, Gozali recounted the assassination attempt, highlighting the extreme measures taken by the assailants, who were armed with guns, grenades, and other weapons. He criticized the local police for their handling of the situation, suggesting a possible cover-up influenced by the broader geopolitical conflicts involving Russia and Ukraine.

Despite the danger, Gozali remains defiant.

Attempted murder in Ukraine:

Since I published the names of Muslim-anti-Semitic UFC fighters, I have received tens of thousands of messages threatening me in murder. They make over 150 inflammatory videos about me, but this time someone crossed the line, and they really tried to murder me.
I thought that this could not happen in Ukraine because the evil world considers Israel and Ukraine as their enemies.
I was wrong!
I tried to keep the location of the fight a secret, they didn’t need me to know what it was.

There are a lot of famous people that I can think of that can sent me an assassin.

1. Khamzat Chimaev (send me a murder threat on Instagram).

2. Jack Shields (the anti-Semite who regularly incites against Israel and Jews and especially against me).

3. Khabib Nurmagomedov and the 40 Dagestan’s (I received death threats from everyone related to him, trainers and fighters signed by him, even from the night elf Hasbulla Magomedov).

4. Jeff Monson (American anti-Semite living in Russia, sent me dozens of messages and threats to kill me).

5. Kanye West, everyone knows the story, and the man has a fortune.

6. The entire Muslim world that is fans of the name in the list.
Only this time someone took the incitement one step too far, and decided to commit the worst of all attempted murders.

I’m trying to get the security camera footage to show what happened there.
I think the local police are trying to cover up the issue.
I have yet to come across a similar case where victims of attempted murder are not interrogated, they are not asked to testify, their phones are taken and they are rushed to the state border.

I am happy that I had two champions by my side:
Ben El Hasid and Elad Gozali,
Thanks to each other’s support, we were saved!

We are Jews, we need to spread light to the world of darkness.

In the coming days I will post a video in real time.
Including my fight.


Gozali added:

I received with me the documentation from the attempted murder.
In one picture you see the terrorist shooting at the door while my son and I are in a room on the other side of the door.
In the second picture the grenade we caught on.

The local police are trying to cover up the case and do not explain why really this terrorist came to our hotel.

Apparently the cover-up due to the conflict and war of the Russians against the Ukrainians on social networks, in addition to the real war between them.

The Russians claim that they tried to murder us Israelis, and the Ukrainians claim that they’re not, but it’s a random guy who came to us by mistake holding a gun, a grenade, an ax and two knives.

Who doesn’t leave the house armed like this today, and tries to murder?!


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