Nick Rodriguez Went For WWE Tryouts – And Got Accepted

Nick Rodriguez Went For WWE Tryouts – And Got Accepted

Did you know that Nick Rodriguez went for WWE tryouts… On two separate occasions?
Yes, that’s right. And not only did he go for the tryouts but he has now been accepted as well!

Rodriguez has been invited by the WWE team to spend a month with them in Orlando, where they’d work on developing his persona:

They call me in as the first athlete. I open the door and it’s Coach Bloom, HHH, and Heartbreak Kid, Mr. Shawn Michaels.
So, I open the door and it’s them three sitting there and just one chair across the table from them.

I sit down and they pretty much tell me: “Listen, you’re tall, handsome, strong… Super coachable, extremely fast, we’ve never seen anything like you.”

They were, like: “Listen, we want you to come spend a month in Orlando and we’ll help build this persona a little bit more and then, we’ll get going from there.”

But what does it look like to be on the WWE tryouts?
Rodriguez shares:

It was pretty sick. I pretty much had to act. I had to act a little bit right?

Like, obviously we know the world of professional wrestling isn’t like a real fight. It’s totally choreographed, I don’t know if you’ve heard.
Obviously [though], these guys are taking damage when they’re falling and stuff.

I went to tryouts and I had to some promos. I had three total promos.
Two of which were a version of myself and the third one I tried to do a little bit something different and be, like, a little funny.