Muay Thai Legend Nong-O Hama Praises Mikey Musumeci As A “Fast Learner”

Muay Thai Legend Nong-O Hama Praises Mikey Musumeci As A “Fast Learner”

Mikey Musumeci, ONE Flyweight Submission Grappling World Champion, is dipping his toes into Muay Thai!
Just recently, he was spotted training with Muay Thai icon, Nong-O Hama, at Bangkok’s Superbon Training Camp.

Nong-O shared his experience with ONE Championship:

Mikey just came to practice with me for only one time so far, but we have already made an appointment for the next class.
He is a very nice guy. Everyone in the gym was excited to see him.

While his passion for grappling is widely known, Mikey’s drive to learn and improve doesn’t stop there.
Nong-O emphasized:

Seriously, I think Mikey is a fast learner. I feel that he is so enthusiastic and concentrated.

Although his Muay Thai weapons may not be that beautiful right now, his determination will allow him to improve much faster.
And soon, everyone will see a tougher version of Mikey, for sure.

Regarding his training approach for Musumeci, Nong-O explained:

As for Muay Thai, now we need to teach him all the basics in the first place, like how to kick, how to punch, how to use Muay Thai weapons, and how to make them accurate and solid at the same time.

In the next class, I plan to give him in-depth techniques on how to throw each kind of Muay Thai weapon and timing.


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