Mikey Musumeci Talks MMA Debut: “Need More Time To Study & Progress”

Mikey Musumeci Talks MMA Debut: “Need More Time To Study & Progress”

It’s long been speculated when Mikey Musumeci will take the next step and transition to MMA – because even he is extremely excited about making that step…
However, it seems like the BJJ and MMA communities will have to wait for a bit longer. Reason being? He’d like more time to study and prepare properly.

Here’s what he had to say in a recent interview with Sports Illustrated:

Maybe at the end of 2024.

I want to slowly learn and keep progressing. Once I’m a high-level blue belt, I’ll be ready.
I need more preparation to determine when I’m in danger.

In standup, I’d put myself in positions where I could get knocked out, and I wouldn’t know.
I need more time to study and progress.

Musumeci has already been praised for his progress in striking.
For example, by none other than Muay Thai legend Nong-O Hama:

Seriously, I think Mikey is a fast learner. I feel that he is so enthusiastic and concentrated.

Although his Muay Thai weapons may not be that beautiful right now, his determination will allow him to improve much faster.
And soon, everyone will see a tougher version of Mikey, for sure.

Now we need to teach him all the basics in the first place, like how to kick, how to punch, how to use Muay Thai weapons, and how to make them accurate and solid at the same time.

In the next class, I plan to give him in-depth techniques on how to throw each kind of Muay Thai weapon and timing.