“Mighty Mouse” Wins Gold & Silver Medals At IBJJF Pan Championship 2024

“Mighty Mouse” Wins Gold & Silver Medals At IBJJF Pan Championship 2024

MMA legend Demetrious “Mighty Mouse” Johnson continues to impress outside the octagon…
This time at IBJJF Pan Championship 2024 – where he won a gold and silver medal!

Johnson made his Jiu-Jitsu Master 2 division competitive debut at the IBJJF Master World Championship in 2023.
As a brown belt in the featherweight division, Mighty Mouse displayed outstanding skills; winning a gold medal after a flawless performance.

At the IBJJF Pan Championship 2024, Johnson returned to the Master 2 brown belt featherweight division – supported by the expertise of Lucas Pinheiro and Bibiano Fernandes in his corner.
Once again, he emerged victorious, adding another gold medal to his collection.

But Johnson didn’t stop there. Instead, he decided to push his limits further by entering the absolute division, where he faced much larger opponents.
Despite the challenge, Johnson defied expectations, and managed to win the silver medal.


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Best known for his remarkable UFC career, where he enjoyed an unprecedented streak of title defenses, Johnson has seamlessly transitioned to ONE Championship.
There, he secured further successes; including the ONE Championship flyweight title.