Julia Alves Talks About A Key Turn In Her Career With AJP: “My Best Choice”

Julia Alves Talks About A Key Turn In Her Career With AJP: “My Best Choice”

An elite competitor representing GFTeam, athlete Julia Alves has plenty of reasons to remain firm in the AJP ranking.

Julia spoke with the AJP reporting team and recalled her achievements and goals achieved, thanks to the AJP and the opportunities it gives to its athletes.

Still, at the beginning of her professional life in Jiu-Jitsu, Julia had the opportunity to fight in Abu Dhabi and understood that it was worth investing her time in the search for the AJP ranking and that the return of her dedication on the mats of the United Arab Emirates could be the impetus necessary for the fearless athlete to make a living off of Jiu-Jitsu as a competitor:

My story with AJP started in 2020 when I got the brown belt.

The competitions started to return after the pandemic and the AJP was the first organization to have structure and safety for the athletes and return with the tournaments.
I had competed at AJP in other belts before, but it was in the Abu Dhabi Grand Slam that I had this key turn in my career, thanks to AJP.

I was champion in that tournament, got first in my category rank and received an invitation to fight at the Abu Dhabi World Pro with all expenses paid.

Unable to compete in the Grand Slam of Abu Dhabi that year, which could put Julia in first place in the rankings, the athlete did not falter and remained firm in her mission.
She traveled to the UAE, shined on the podium of her weight division at the Abu Dhabi World Pro Jiu-Jitsu Championship, and secured second place in the rankings.

Even though she didn’t win that year, Julia guaranteed a nice cash prize, giving even more fuel for the athlete to understand that this was the right path for her career, with all the tools to make a living from Jiu-Jitsu:

I was second in the ranking that year and still received a great deal of cash prize.
Since then I have fought the AJP every season, and fighting in the organization I feel like a professional athlete.

It is with this support from the AJP that I am able to help my family, living off Jiu-Jitsu alone.
Also, thanks to AJP I got to know the world as an athlete, traveling to several countries to compete and train.

Now, as an athlete recognized in the organization, with titles in tournaments around the world and achievements such as the Abu Dhabi World Pro and different rankings of the AJP, Julia attests not only to herself the benefits of fighting in the AJP, but also to other athletes the chances of growth that he had when dedicating herself to competing in the organization:

I became an ambassador for the AJP at my academy and for fellow competitors.

The saying that “athletes don’t eat medals” is very true, and the AJP recognizes the value of its competitors.
A top-level athlete needs not only to travel to train and compete, but eat well, supplement, and not have financial worries

As a dedicated competitor in the AJP ranking, I can have all of this and still provide more security for my family.

Another important detail for Julia that makes all the difference in the black belt career is the value deposited by the AJP in its athletes, seeking to expose them to the general public, investing in the image of its champions, and showing that the professional path it is possible when the athlete dedicates himself to an organization like the AJP, which knows how to value its athletes:

The visibility that the organization gives not only to me but to the other athletes is incredible.

Being at the front in my category, I won some rankings last season: the Grand Slam, the general ranking at black and brown belt, and the continental ranking, in which male and female athletes compete.

I feel like a star within the sport, all because of the support of AJP.
The best choice I made was to invest my time and focus on competing for AJP.

If you’re an athlete and like to compete in Jiu-Jitsu, do like Julia Alves.

Invest your time and dedication in AJP and have your career valued on the mats as a professional worthy of living with Jiu-Jitsu.