It’s Official: Spectacular ADXC 5 Event Will Take Place In Abu Dhabi

It’s Official: Spectacular ADXC 5 Event Will Take Place In Abu Dhabi

After its spectacular third edition, Abu Dhabi Extreme Championship (ADXC) has revealed that the fifth edition will take place…
Again in the beautiful city of Abu Dhabi!

And, while the question when and where the fourth edition will happen, ADXC 5 has been announced for Friday, August 2, at Mubadala Arena.
The ADXC team has shared the news via social media:

It’s needless to say that ADXC 5 will provide as much of a spectacle – if not even more – as it was the case at the ADXC 3 event, which saw superb and exciting matchups between a number of elite Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu athletes.

Perhaps the most highly expected match was the one between Rayron Gracie and Fellipe Andrew
Which ended with Rayron’s win – via choke from the back!

In the first two rounds, Fellipe worked from the guard while Rayron pressured from above, in the best Roger Gracie style with firm grips.
In the third round, Fellipe opened up the game a little more and tried some takedowns, but the decisive moment came about in the following round.

After a beautiful takedown by Rayron, Fellipe managed to avoid a guard pass, but the Gracie representative quickly grabbed the collar and choked Fellipe to end the bout!

Check out the phenomenal sequence and fight-finishing choke by Rayron Gracie on the video below: