Gunnar Nelson: “John Danaher Has A Dark Sense Of Humor”

Gunnar Nelson: “John Danaher Has A Dark Sense Of Humor”

What is it like to train with John Danaher – other than the obvious genius when it comes to learning techniques from him?
Well, for Gunnar Nelson, it’s been nothing but fun!

Nelson shared that he had a great time training with Danaher, in a recent El Segundo podcast episode:

I really liked John. We got on really well. John is a… Character.
I like his jokes, his dark humor and stuff.

Nelson shared what took place day-to-day on the mats:

I remember the day-to-day routine. It was just me, coming in..
Normally, I would kind of sit down on the mats, next to John, and usually wait for the rolling. Or John would have me doing something with somebody, or doing certain techniques and stuff.

And lots of times, I would just sit next to John while he was teaching. And he would joke and it would be dark (humor).
Then the rolling starts and I get into rolling.

He also shared how Danaher would always “admit” if he didn’t know something.
And that he would soon come back with a solution:

John is a phenomenal coach. His attention to detail is very, very good.

A great thing with John, which is something that I’ve taken to my teaching, is that – when John didn’t quite have the answer, he didn’t pretend he had it.
It was, like: “Hmmm… Interesting.”

Then we would troubleshoot it and then he would do something while I was away, and then come back to it – and then (he would have it solved).