Georges St-Pierre: “I Don’t Like Roller Coasters, I’m Kinda Scared”

Georges St-Pierre: “I Don’t Like Roller Coasters, I’m Kinda Scared”

Look – you can be among the toughest people in the world, but there will still be things that you’re afraid of.
For instance, Georges St-Pierre – one of the greatest in mixed martial arts (MMA) – is afraid of going to roller coasters.

He explained why this was the case in a recent interview with the Bloody Elbow – it’s got to do with heights:

I’m kind of a coward with the rides.
I’ve done a lot of extreme things in my life, but I’m the kind of guy that when I have free time I don’t enjoy doing this because I don’t like doing roller-coasters. I’m kind of scared, you know?

I’m a little bit afraid of heights. I used to be very scared of heights, now I think I get better with time on it, but I just don’t like it.

St-Pierre emphasized that he doesn’t like adding unnecessary stress to his life:

I don’t like to have superficial fear. I have enough stress in my life, I don’t like to add more.

If I have friends that like to do the ride, I like to watch them enjoying the ride. But to do it myself, it’s not really my thing.

On the other side, however, he does enjoy the adventure rides, like the Jurassic Park one:

Like an adventure ride, that’s more my thing. And if there are dinosaurs, it’s even better!