Donald “Cowboy” Cerrone Reveals More Details On His PED Use

Donald “Cowboy” Cerrone Reveals More Details On His PED Use

Donald “Cowboy” Cerrone has retired from professional mixed martial arts… But he still keeps training hard and has put on a lot of muscle since.

In fact, he has admitted that he started PED use ever since he retired from the UFC and that he is more than satisfied with the results:

I was just literally yesterday in Vegas, I was telling everybody like, I understand why steroids are illegal now that I’m injecting them into my body.

I feel like I’m f*cking 20 again. The training would never stop. You could just literally train as hard as you wanted to, (then) wake up the next day recovered and fresh.
Recovery would be the biggest (improvement). It’s the fountain of youth.

And now, in a recent video, he shared more on his approach to using PEDs:

After the UFC, I said: “I’m coming back to swole nation.”

You can buy TRT pretty much anywhere nowadays, but you don’t know what you’re getting. You don’t know the correct amount to take.
The guy at the gym and the guy standing behind Walmart, yeah, they can sell you pretty much anything nowadays, but getting the right stuff to the levels that meet your goals – you need a professional (to do that).

Cerrone explained how he has professional support in getting the right supplements and in the right dosage, concluding:

So, I don’t want you guys thinking that this is, like, I’m meeting with someone at the back of a Walmart, with a sketchy dealer… Or with some guy at the gym who has this thing that his uncle got.

These are, like, medical-grade peptides, hormone replacement therapy, and supplements. They’re not sketchy things off the back of some van.