Danielle Kelly: “I Need To Learn How To Defend Or Strike”

Danielle Kelly: “I Need To Learn How To Defend Or Strike”

Danielle Kelly, a successful Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu black belt, has had her ONE Championship debut at ONE X (in March). She put on a spectacular performance against Mei Yamaguchi and won a bonus of $50,000.

As she is getting prepared to take on the next fight, Kelly is experiencing all of the ups and downs that a grappling athlete feels when transitioning to MMA.
She shared her experience in an interview for ONE, saying that there are a lot of other athletes with good Jiu-Jitsu:

I have been doing my [MMA] classes right now. I’ve been getting back into sparring.

It’s very humbling, just because the girls that I train with, they’re in other organizations, some of them are top 10 – and they have really good Jiu-Jitsu…
It’s going to be hard for me if I go against someone who has a [striking] background.

She explained how she needs to work on her striking abilities:

I need to learn how to defend or strike. So that’s where I’m still putting the pieces of the puzzle together.
But it does give me hope. I just have to keep myself humble and not think that just because I’m good at grappling, I’m going to beat up everyone.

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