Danielle Kelly: “I Didn’t Have Much Support Coming Up”

Danielle Kelly: “I Didn’t Have Much Support Coming Up”

Success doesn’t happen overnight. It takes years of diligent work, discipline, and willingness to believe in oneself – even when no one else believes in you.

And yes, it can sometimes be tough to believe that, especially when extraordinarily difficult situations arise in life… Which is why it’s a good idea to listen to someone like Danielle Kelly, one of the best submission grappling athletes and a ONE Championship athlete.

She had to overcome many hurdles to become who she is today. And she had to do it with very little support:

I didn’t have much support coming up. If I did it was very little.
Being on my own for years I had to jumble school, work, and training while coming up in the ranks to catch up with people my level. And on top of all of these at a point I didn’t have a set place to stay.

So what does Kelly do with all these memories? She uses them as fuel to remind herself that she can do it, even when she is frustrated at training:

Whenever I’m frustrated at training I think about the worse times and how it made me feel.
I basically tell myself to stop being a baby, it could be worse. I work hard now knowing the struggles I’ve had. There’s no “luck.”


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