Craig Jones Talks FloGrappling: “No, You Can’t Get A Hotel Room”

Craig Jones Talks FloGrappling: “No, You Can’t Get A Hotel Room”

In the world of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, the community is divided in their thoughts on FloGrappling – the subscription sports broadcaster and streaming service that covers a lot of BJJ events.

Craig Jones doesn’t appear to be too big of a fan. And not from a spectator’s perspective, but from a business one.
Here is what Jones had to say about the company, as shared by MMA Uncensored (from Craig Jones’ Instagram stories):

As [far as] professional grappling goes, oh, it would be great to work with FloGrappling – wouldn’t it?
What an extraordinary company to do business with.

He revealed a situation which Nicky Ryan ran into:

This is a situation that just happened: “Hey Nicky Ryan, how would you like to come all the way to Houston, on your own dime… Stay overnight, and do a free meet and greet with the fans?”

[Nicky Ryan’s response] “Oh that sounds great, I’d love to do that for the fans. Can I at least get a hotel room?”
FloGrappling: “No you can’t get a f**king hotel room.”

That’s what doing business with FloGrappling is like.

Jones added another example:

Here’s another one.

FloGrappling: “Hey, can we come to your gym… Can we film your content, interviews with your guys, can we post it on our channel? Can we post it behind our paywall – and you know what you get? Not even a f**king hotel room.”