Chael Sonnen On Mikey Musumeci: “I Feel Like Nerds Finally Have A King”

Chael Sonnen On Mikey Musumeci: “I Feel Like Nerds Finally Have A King”

On September 30, Mikey Musumeci won the first-ever ONE Championship submission grappling world title. Chael Sonnen celebrated Mikey’s performance in a recent video, saying that Mikey is now the “king of the nerds”:

The nerds need a leader, for sure, well I feel like you’ve got one. The guy who goes out there and goes non-stop, only eats pizza and pasta, and puts on his glasses right after the match.

I feel like you nerds finally have a king. And I don’t know who’s gonna beat him.

He hailed Musumeci for the way he understood the tournament rules and how he played them:

This was the perfect plan by a guy who understood what the plan should be, what the strategy should be… He paid respect to the rules, he understood and listened when the judges told him what they were looking for.
That’s the right guy to be your champion, but now he’s going to be hunted.

Chael also explained how Mikey’s strengths helped him secure the dominant win:

When you have these long guys and you have something that I’m talking about called leverage, it’s true if you know how to use it.

Mikey understood how to use it, and Mikey went on the attack; he went on the attack right from the beginning. Therefore, he couldn’t be attacked, he was not being attacked.
This whole thing was offense vs. defense and all his opponent was waiting for him to do was to slow down… And oh by the way, he never slows down.

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