BJJ Fans Point To Rodolfo Vieira, Alexandre De Souza and Xande Ribeiro as Favorites For the Copa Podio 2013


The Copa Podio will be held on January 13 in Rio de Janeiro, and promises to set the gentle art communjty on fire. The event will feature a heavyweight GP, with names like Rodolfo Vieira, Leo Nogueira, Xande Ribeiro, Braga Neto, Alexandro Ceconi,and American Brown belt phenom Keenan Cornelius among others.

Tatame magazine recently held a poll with its readers and The favorite to win the competition is the triple world champion of Jiu-Jitsu, Rodolfo Vieira, who led the poll with 41% of the readers’ votes. Second place went to Alexandre Souza with 21% of internet users’ preferences and Xande Ribeiro ocupied the third place with 16%.

It will interesting to see how how Keenan Cornelius does as he is in the “Group of Death” with Xande, Rodolfo and Leo Nogueira.


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