Xande is back! Xande Ribeiro talks about his competition goals in 2012, his new school,and shares some wisdom about Jiu-Jitsu

1. Xande, first of all congratulations on winning the San Diego trials. What can we expect from you competition wise in 2012?

Xande and Saulo Ribeiro training in Hawaii

After couple years strugling with injuries and MMA, I got the fire back, I am healthy, running my academy , training 3 times a day. This years my aim is the World Abu Dhabi Pro,  Mundials and World NO-GI.

2. Please tell us about your new school and why did you choose to go on your own and leave University of Jiu Jitsu?

My school is located in the heart of Los Angeles, on the Corner of La Brea and Melrose. Its in co operation with True Warrior Fitness. After so many years running the same school with my brother and learning so much from him I have decided to open my own Academy, and Los Angeles being so big and close to San Diego, that wa sthe best option. Now we both have our own ship going to battle together.

3. With the abundance of bjj schools in Los Angeles, why did you choose this city as the place to open your school?

There are a lot of schools, like anywhere else there are a lot of schools, many of them with random MMA programs and BJJ guys, so I have decided because there are so much opportunity and I ll teach the best and most fundamental Jiu Jitsu that there is.


Xande winning the 2012 San Diego World Pro trials in impressive fashion

4. Your game seems to be about very solid fundamentals. What is your opinion of more acrobatic BJJ games, that we’re seeing a lot among the lighter belts?

I think everything is very good, its the evolution. Its just bugs me we don;t see too many mount positions, close guards, its all very confusing nowadays, but again, there is BJJ and Jiu Jitsu and I will always fight Jiu Jitsu

With Rickson and Kron Gracie
Xande had a successful run at MMA

5. When you compete, are you more focused on having a strategy and plan or always looking to submit your opponent?

Strategy is very important to shut your opponents strenght , My game is focused in constant attacking for submission to make openings, getting the strongs positions and work the submission.

6. Do you follow the Gracie diet? Please guide us through your nutrition/diet and what type of supplements/ vitamins do you take?

I like to try to combine foods, but I eat everything, like my Jiu JItsu very fundamental, Carbs, Proteins and veggies at the right time and amount, and supplements such as glucosamine, glutamine, amino acids, minerals…
 7. Do you still plan on fighting MMA? Or do you plan just on competing and teaching BJJ?

Right now my focus is Jiu Jitsu, but I am always cross training with Boxing Muay Thai and Wrestling.

8. Do you see yourself always competing even in your late 40’s? (in seniors,just for fun)

For sure, It will keep me alive.

9. You are arguably Roger Gracie’s biggest adversary in jiu jitsu. Give us your thoughts on him? His Jiu Jitsu, personality, etc? What are in your mind are his weaknesses and strengths?

Roger is great and I am blessed to have fight him too many times, he is kind of like me, strong mind,, fundamental Jiu Jitsu and strong positions, but a few inches and pounds more. He doesnt have too many weakinesses, and in our fights the difference was the heart and blood in the eyes.
10. What are your thoughts on the whole Royler Gracie vs Eddie Bravo debate? From Royler’s loss in ADCC several years ago to more recently where a rematch was in the works at last year’s ADCC.

This is in the past and its not worth even mentioning it

11. Which of the current BJJ competitors do you admire?

Too many, Lovato Jr. Mendes, Garcia, Kron, Rodolfo, the list go on.

 12. List 5 inspiring people in your life (doesn’t have to be bjj related)

My father, Mom, Ali, Bruce Lee, Buddha, Jesus,   too many 🙂

 13. Can you tell us about your Ribeiro Jiu-Jitsu schools in Europe?

Right now, I am leading the Xande Ribeiro Jiu Jitsu Association, and my brother leads the Ribeiro Jiu Jitsu, We are 2 separated business entities now, but we are the same team and will always be. Right now in Europe I have an Association in Bucharest Romania, Called Agon BJJ. And of course The RIbeiro JJ in Germany, Ireland and so on.

14. Xande thank you so much, you have many fans in Eastern Europe. All the best in 2012!

Thank you guys, I ll be there in a seminar tour soon, please contact  www.jiujitsudojo.com for inquiry.

Ribeiro Brothers Highlight