Andre Galvao: “It’s Important To Take The Responsibility For Defeat”

Andre Galvao: “It’s Important To Take The Responsibility For Defeat”

When you lose a match, when you experience defeat…
How do you feel? And, more importantly, what do you do?

Do you take responsibility for the loss?
Or do you shift the blame to something else, some sort of an external circumstance?

Andre Galvao believes that it is your duty, as an athlete, to take the blame:

Every athlete that practices any sports, trains daily to achieve great accomplishments in their career, but you need to be more prepared than ever to deal with defeats along the way.

Often, after a defeat, the athlete ends up assigning the blame to the third parties.
It is very important to take responsibility and try to understand the reasons why the defeat came.

Then, Galvao emphasizes that you should turn the page…
And focus on growth:

After a period of reflection, it’s time to draw the next steps in the career. The athlete must come up with his coach and close people new strategies to continue his career with his head held high.

Defeat happens in any sport. It’s normal for the athlete to be upset, but it’s important not to let the fallout take over and interfere with the search for future goals.

The athlete should understand that it is important to always learn lessons from defeats, using them as motivation to improve and pursue their goals.

The goal is to always improve, always learn and grow!


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