ADGS Abu Dhabi: Thrill And Glory For The Champions And Heroes At The End Of The Tour

ADGS Abu Dhabi: Thrill And Glory For The Champions And Heroes At The End Of The Tour

After a long journey in the 2022-2023 season, it was time to come back home. The AJP Abu Dhabi Grand Slam Jiu-Jitsu World Tour circled back to its homonymous territory and provided an incredible display of technique at the modern Mubadala Arena, in the heat of UAE’s capital.

After three days of action from kids to masters, in all weights and belt divisions, this last Sunday, May 7th, the black belt champions, as well as the Heroes of the season, were finally revealed. The warriors who traveled the world with us and gave their best to accumulate points in the Black and Brown/Black rankings were awarded the Golden Eagle and a trophy, to remember for years to come that the glory is real for those who fight for it.

Check out the lines below for the results of the finals at the ADGS Abu Dhabi and the Heroes of the Season 2022-2023.


AJP tour first


56kg – Zayed Alkatheeri is a man on a mission. The 56kg jewel of the UAE came back from outstanding results in the season to end the tour with a big win for his crowd. And that’s what he did. After a tough semifinal match, won by points, Zayed went on to the finals to face the top-ranking Yuri Hendrex. The match was close, tied on points, but Zayed managed to score the last point and get the gold, causing cheers from the people who came to see their favorite athlete fighting live at the Mubadala Arena.

62kg – Khaled Alshehhi registered to fight in this ADGS to make a statement: He’s here to take over the 62kg division. His efforts in this tournament were awe-inspiring, with three tough fights until the glory of the gold. After beating Nariman Mynbayev and the dangerous Wagner Chrispim, Khaled faced Jefferson Fagundes at the grand final. With all his knowledge and technique, Khaled got the last point in an 8-8 bout and got home with the gold medal hanging on his shoulders.

69kg – Thiago Marques was the double champion of the day in the ADGS Abu Dhabi. After getting the gold on Saturday, in the Masters division, Thiago fought once again on Sunday, won three more fights, and went straight to the finals, to face the medal collector Hiago George. The Commando Group coach took a long breath, went into the duel with guns blazing, and beat Hiago via 3-2 to get his second gold of the tournament.

77kg – Adriano Araujo got his gold in a last-minute action and got crowned, as he deserved, after a great campaign in this ADGS. After winning two fights and beating Lucas Protasio in the semifinals, Adriano tied at 3-3 in his final against Andre Cantanhede. However, with a takedown landed at the eleventh hour, Adriano put the scoreboard in his favor, and the 5-2 points made him the champion of the 77kg division.

Adriano Araujo podium

85kg – Three fights and three wins for Jansen Ramos. After landing an 18-0 score in the quarters and submitting GFTeam’s Hiago Lima in the semis, the Checkmat powerhouse went up against Uanderson Ferreira in the final round. After putting the score at 3-2, Jansen showcased his prowess by landing the submission that earned him the title.

94kg – Crowning a golden season, Marcos Carrozzino was unstoppable in the ADGS. With three fights and two submissions on the bracket, the GFTeam athlete went toe-to-toe with teammate Catriel Fernandes in a very balanced final round, with Marcos taking the win via the referees’ decision.

120kg – Yatan Bueno got the win in the last stop of the ADGS Tour, and the crown lies heavy in his head. With two submissions on his way to the final, Yatan fought Ithalo Lopes for the gold, put 2-0 on the scoreboard, and got the gold medal to finish a great run for his black belt career.


49kg – Diana Teixeira was merciless in the 49kg division. After submitting Flavia Quintareli in the semis, Diana went full-throttle for the final round, in which she quickly landed another submission against Isadora Maggioni to take the gold.

55kg – Submitting every opponent that dared stand in her way to the gold, Ariadne de Oliveira was like a freight train on the 55kg division. First, she beat both Dayane Bazzoni and Galina Duranova to advance through the bracket. Then, in the final round, she wasted no time in landing her third and final submission against Alexa Yanes to become the reigning champion.

62kg – Maria Luiza Delahaye had to fight twice before she could call herself an ADGS champion. After imposing her game and landing the score at 10-0 against Isabela Ribeiro in the semifinal, the GFTeam athlete went on to face fellow teammate Julia Alves in the gold round, settling the match with a submission to take the 62kg gold.

AJP tour 2

70kg – Ingridd Sousa was the name to look out for in the 70kg bracket. After submitting Marian Urdabayeva in the quarters and scoring 6-0 against Raquel Santos in the semis, the Brazilian athlete clashed with Yara Kakish in the finals, submitting yet again to stand atop the division podium.

95kg – The scoreboard was Izadora Silva’s best friend through the 95kg bracket. After landing a 4-3 against Marcelle Catanhede in the semifinal, Izadora went on to score a 2-0 against Mayara Moreira to become the 95kg champion at the ADGS.



Five capitals around the globe were chosen to receive the best Jiu-Jitsu athletes in the Abu Dhabi Grand Slam World Tour. Rio de Janeiro, Miami, Sydney, London, and Abu Dhabi were the spots for our heroes to display the techniques and willpower used to overcome the adversities of fighting internationally and staying at the top of our rankings. Meet below our best and brightest Heroes of Jiu-Jitsu of the season 2022-2023!

Men’s Professional Black Belt Light Featherweight (under 56kg)

Zayed Alkatheeri (UAE) – 10400pts

Men’s Professional Black Belt Featherweight (under 62kg)

Leonardo Mario (Brazil) – 9400pts

Men’s Professional Black Belt Lightweight (under 69kg)

Meyran Maquine Alves (Brazil) – 7600pts

Men’s Professional Black Belt Welterweight (under 77kg)

Lucas Protasio (Brazil) – 6000pts

Men’s Professional Black Belt Middleweight (under 85kg)

Jansen Gomes Ramos (Brazil) – 9000pts

Men’s Professional Black Belt Heavyweight (under 94kg)

Catriel Oliveira Fernandes (Brazil) – 6000pts

Men’s Professional Black Belt Super Heavyweight (under 120kg)

Yatan Bueno (Brazil) – 9000pts

Women’s Professional Brown / Black Belt Roosterweight (under 49kg)

Diana Thais Teixeira (Brazil) – 7200pts

Women’s Professional Brown / Black Belt Light Featherweight (under 55kg)

Ana Rodrigues (Brazil) – 8000pts

Women’s Professional Brown / Black Belt Lightweight (under 62kg)

Julia Alves (Brazil) – 9800pts

Women’s Professional Brown / Black Belt Middleweight (under 70kg)

Izadora  Silva (Brazil) – 8000pts

Women’s Professional Brown / Black Belt Heavyweight (under 95kg)

Gabrieli Pessanha (Brazil) – 8000pts