You Should Use Your Head For A Change In BJJ (No, Really)

You Should Use Your Head For A Change In BJJ (No, Really)

Yes, that’s right… You should start using your head a little bit more when it comes to your training and competition.
And no, we’re not suggesting that you should be “thinking” more. But that you should – quite literally – start using your head.

John Danaher explains why this is the case:

Being told to use your head usually implies using our ability to think – that’s always good advice – but in Jiu jitsu you can often take the advice more literally and use your head for what is is – one of the best methods of generating pushing force.

Learning to push with your head, explains Danaher, is going to be crucial for your success on the mats:

So many of the major movements of Jiu jitsu require you to go in aggressively with your head to push an opponent flat while your arms are preoccupied with other tasks.

There is so much demand for your arms to do work in this game that often your head is the only available means left to push your opponent – so use it!

Work on your neck muscles and…:

Get used to carrying weight on your head and neck by bridging until you feel you can push with confidence and strength.

Make sure your head is as much a part of your game as your arms and legs!


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