What To Do If You Don’t Feel Motivated To Train BJJ Today?

What To Do If You Don’t Feel Motivated To Train BJJ Today?

The days of low or non-existent motivation happen to everyone. Even to the most dedicated of athletes, yes. But, what separates those who become better from those who stay behind is how they handle this feeling of not being motivated to train.
Here are the two extremely important things you can do when you don’t feel motivated for Jiu-Jitsu – but also for any other endeavor in your life.



If you’re not feeling motivated to train BJJ today, here are some strategies that might help rekindle your enthusiasm:

  1. Remember Your Goals: Reflect on why you started BJJ in the first place. Whether it’s for self-defense, fitness, competition, or just as a hobby, recalling your initial motivation can sometimes reignite your passion.
  2. Set Small, Achievable Targets: Sometimes the lack of motivation stems from feeling overwhelmed. Set small, manageable goals for each training session, like perfecting a particular move or improving your defense.
  3. Mix Up Your Routine: Doing the same drills or sparring with the same partners can become monotonous. Try changing your routine, attending different classes, or training with new partners to keep things fresh.
  4. Take a Break: It’s okay to take a short break if you’re feeling burnt out. A few days off can often refresh your mind and body, leading to better performance and more enjoyment when you return.
  5. Find Inspiration: Watch BJJ matches or tutorials online, read books about martial arts, or listen to podcasts featuring BJJ practitioners. Sometimes, seeing or learning something new can spark excitement.
  6. Connect with Your Community: Talk to your training partners or instructors about how you’re feeling. They might have experienced similar feelings and can offer advice or support.
  7. Focus on the Fun Aspect: Try to remember that at its core, BJJ should be enjoyable. Focus on having fun during training, rather than just the competitive or technical aspects.
  8. Visualize Success: Visualization techniques, where you imagine succeeding in your techniques or achieving your goals, can be a powerful motivator.
  9. Attend a Seminar or Workshop: Sometimes a new perspective can be refreshing. Attending a seminar or workshop with a different instructor can provide new insights and techniques to try.
  10. Reflect on Progress: Look back on how far you’ve come since you started. Recognizing your progress and improvements can be a powerful motivator to keep going.

Remember, it’s normal to have days where you don’t feel motivated. What’s important is how you respond to these feelings and find ways to rekindle your passion for the sport.