[WATCH] Civilian Helps Pregnant Officer By Armbarring Suspect

[WATCH] Civilian Helps Pregnant Officer By Armbarring Suspect

A recent viral video captures the moment a civilian courageously intervenes to assist a pregnant police officer, who was struggling to apprehend a suspect…
By getting the suspect into the Armbar Jiu-Jitsu submission technique!

The video, which has quickly spread across various social media platforms, shows a tense situation – where a pregnant officer finds herself in a challenging confrontation with a suspect.
The officer, in her vulnerable state, appears to be at a serious disadvantage.

Just as the situation seems to escalate towards a potentially dangerous outcome, an unexpected twist occurs.
A civilian, witnessing the struggle, leaps into action!

He first takes the suspect’s back, attempting to control the suspect so that the officer can handcuff him.
Then, he transitions to an Armbar – where he holds and controls the suspect for long enough, until the suspect is handcuffed and backup arrives to the scene.

And, even though the good samaritan received praise all around social media, many were left wondering why a pregnant lady was allowed to be on patrol duty…
As well as doubting about her skills as a police officer in general.

Watch the full video below. What do you think of the entire situation?