[Watch] 250lb Purple Belt Slams 140lb Juvenile Blue Belt On His Head

[Watch] 250lb Purple Belt Slams 140lb Juvenile Blue Belt On His Head

Ego can be a dangerous thing in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu… Especially if left unchecked – as it can lead to bad situations. To serious injuries, even.
And that’s exactly what happened at this academy, when a 250lb purple belt came to try class. He rolled with a 140lb juvenile blue belt… And slammed him on his head.

The blue belt’s father spoke up:

We recently had an adult male purple belt come to our school to try class. He was approximately 250 to 265 lbs and rolled with my 140 lbs juvenile blue belt son.
When the purple belt got caught he decided his ego couldn’t take the hit, and slammed my son on his head causing a severe concussion. He then tried to blame it on my son and say he spazzed out. You be the judge.


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Sean Roberts, the owner of the gym who was teaching that day, shared what happened before and after the incident:

I’m the owner of the gym and was teaching that day. This person has taken a class with us before and I have personally rolled with this man. And watched him roll – and didn’t notice anything dangerous about the way he rolled at the time.
He was also very respectful, so I didn’t anticipate this happening.

I didn’t see the whole thing go down until I pulled up the camera footage a little later.

This man did come back on a different day and profusely apologize to the dad, son, and myself.