Want To Travel The World And Train BJJ? Consider These 4 Things

Want To Travel The World And Train BJJ? Consider These 4 Things

Ever felt that desire to just leave the place that you’re living in for a short while, so as to simply toss yourself into the world; travelling it, meeting different cultures and people, and just generally gaining experiences like never before? Now, what if you could do all that, plus train Brazilian Jiu Jitsu as you go?
If that’s something you’d like to do, then here are some things that you should consider on your quest: to travel the world and train BJJ around the world.



Naturally, the first thing that comes to mind with this type of an adventure is – money. How will you pay for the trip, for the accommodation, for the food…? Well, the aforementioned issues are actually pretty easy to figure out: you’ll „just“ need to have saved enough money and to be very precise in how you’ll use it. That is; do some research, make a budget plan to which you’ll stick to and then – stick to it!

The problem comes with regards to how you’ll keep earning money as you travel, or how you’ll continue doing so after coming back home. This, fortunately and unfortunately, comes down to the nature of your job. If it’s a job that you can do remotely with ease; such as (but not limited to) programming, graphic design, writing, being an entrepreneur, etc. – then you won’t have to worry. But, if it’s a job that requires you to stay in the office or similar, you’ll have a much harder time.

If that’s the case, you should come to terms that your travel probably won’t be as long as you’d really wish it to be, but limited to the vacation time you have… Unless you want to quit, that is. In which case, be very careful not to have travelling and BJJ as the only reasons so as to why you’re quitting it. That would be a big mistake.
In the end of ends, talk with your boss. Maybe you can figure something out, so as to travel for a bit longer – and fulfill some of the obligations from work on the go as well.



It’s wise to bring more gi’s and rashguards than you think you’ll need. Depending on where you’ll stay, you may not be able (or have enough time) to wash them in time; so, it’s better to be equipped than to make stinky first impressions onto your training partners from other countries.
Better safe than sorry!



Also, it’s a good idea to reach out to the owners and coaches of the academies you’re planning to visit on your trip… Both out of common courtesy (to let them know that you’ll be visiting); but also to be informed if there’s some stuff you should keep in mind prior to travel.
This won’t just save you from needless headaches that come with coming to an academy unprepared and unannounced; but you may also find out that the people there will provide some useful information in so far as their city and country is concerned. They may also give you a tour!



And finally, a not-so-fun piece of advice: bring some medicine for the trip. Not just bandages and anti-infection sprays; but other things that may prove to be helpful as well (such as Paracetamol and similar). Finding a pharmacy and a doctor can be tricky business when you’re in a place that you don’t know much about. So, better be more or less prepared both for smaller BJJ-induced injuries and an uneasy stomach.