Top 10 Part-Time Jobs for Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Athletes

Top 10 Part-Time Jobs for Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Athletes

Trying to take your game to the next level but coming up short financially? Thinking of making training and competing a bigger part of your life?

Throughout my journey as a competitor I worked more than a hand ful of odd jobs and made a ton of financial sacrifices on my way to black belt. Not only do I know how hard it is to juggle full-time and part-time work with full-time training.

I can tell you from experience that the decision of whether to go full or part-time is easier than the decision as to what job to get. Your financial situation will ultimately determine which of those routes to take but the job itself can be difficult to select.

Any of us who have worked a labor intensive job for 8-12 hours before cleaning up and heading on to the mats knows that voice in the back of your mind saying “I could be a hell of a lot better if I had the energy to train more.”

A had a friend reach out to me last week saying that I have been showing everyone how to save up money your first $25,000 and how to live the jiu-jitsu lifestyle on a budget, but haven’t focused on getting them some money in the first place.

I hope this list of the Top 10 Part-Time Jobs for Jiu-Jitsu can help you do just that!

The Top 10 Part-Time Jobs for Jiu-Jitsu Athletes:

1. Uber

What a sick part-time job this would be for an athlete. Around $20/hr for driving around. And hey, you have no problem taking advantage of “surge” prices… if the drunk guy in the back seat gets out of line you don’t even need pepper spray.

2. Starbucks

Right up there with one of the greatest places to work part-time from a benefits standpoint, especially if you are going to school as well.

The company will literally pay for a significant chunk of your college tuition. They also offer free stock options for part-time employees. And hello, free coffee. FREE STARBUCKS. Do you know how much $ I could save in a year…

3. Deliver Pizzas

When I was an up and coming athlete I used to help a friend of the family run his pizza restaurant. I loved it. Super stress free (not fat free by any means) environment which was a welcome change in atmosphere from roofing houses or working on the railroad.

Not to mention delivering the pizza was like getting to take a break and be paid extra for it. No shame in my game. I loved working at a restaurant.

4. Whole Foods

Whole foods just seems like a cool place to work period not to mention their benefits and workplace environment are incredible.

They give a 20% discount to all employees and the discount goes up the healthier you are. They also have a generous health care program and a vacation system that beats working for a union.

Your vacation begins accruing quickly from the moment you start and rolls over. Wish we had a Whole Foods back in the corn!

5. Supplement Shop

I think with the amount of money I’ve spent on protein and pre-workout as an athlete I could’ve just went without it and not even need the part-time job!

Seriously though, this is another one of those stress free jobs… flexible part-time hours and if you worked at a local shop you could probably get any supplement you wanted at cost.

You have to like jobs like this and whole foods that double as being conducive to training.

6. Assistant Instructor

This is a no-brainer. Everyone wants to get paid to be an assistant instructor but there is not always a outlet to make it happen right away.

If you want to get started making money teaching, especially at a top level school that can afford to pay you good money, you’ll probably need to volunteer a lot of your time at first and it’s totally worth it.

7. Personal Trainer

One of my favorite gigs as a martial artist was working for a small personal training facility. It wasn’t like one of the larger 24 hour, Gold’s Gyms, or LA Fitness’s of the world.

Working at these larger gyms are also probably a great supplement to training but I found that working at a smaller gym meant more money per hour and more down time to work out, and I would imagine a lot less micro managing.

Working for a private facility was still an “eat what you kill environment” but it’s not like you have to go out and get the clients yourself, they are generally provided to you.

8. Security Guard

This is one of those gigs that fits are skillset very well, but if like me you are not the biggest meat head in the world you will want to be selective as to where you take the job.

I have a friend who has worked security the majority of his life and he has been seriously banged up and sucker punched on several occasions as a nightclub bouncer. Look for something low key that pays the bills and do your training on the mats.

9. Bartender

I have ALWAYS wanted to be a bartender. It kind of flips the script on going from work to training. Now you can eat and head over to work. A lot of times you have to start as a bar back but that isn’t a bad gig either!
Meeting cool people around our age and it’s another one of those gigs that are stress free for the most part. It’s also no secret that bartending at the right place can put plenty of money in your pocket to train on.

10. Rapper

An hey, if none of that works out works out you could always be a G-in-a-Gi like Ralek…

Written by Brearin Land

Bruno Malfacine Is The Greatest BJJ Competitor Ever To Step On The Mat & For The First Time Ever – The Only 10x Weight Class Black Belt World Champion In History – Wants To Show You How He Wrecks The Big Guys .