Tom DeBlass: “I’ll Absolutely Mop My Floors”

Tom DeBlass: “I’ll Absolutely Mop My Floors”

Whose responsibility is it to mop the mats after a BJJ class is over? Well, there’s no “correct” answer to this question. Rather, it’s about what’s agreed upon between the coach(es) and the students – and, potentially, if there’s anyone who works as a cleaner.

However, if there’s no one working as a cleaner, it’s always a good thing if the coach mops the mats from time to time. For, it serves as a good example to the students.
Tom DeBlass understands that well:

Now a days I’m out of the Academy before we close up.

However, if I happen to be there, I will absolutely take that mop and mop my floors.
Coming up through the ranks I’d drive 1.5 hours to my teacher’s school each way, 5 days a week. There wasn’t a time that I was there and didn’t stick around to mop the mats or help clean up. I felt it was my duty, and I was so thankful to help.

He still feels that it’s his duty to clean the mats, to this day:

If I’m around when people are mopping now, I still feel it’s my duty. The principles that helped me to build all that I have were resilience, grit, hard work, and exceptional desire. I was never too good for hard work, and I’m still now.

A man that feels he’s too good to mop his own mats surely doesn’t deserve all that he has.


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