Rafael Lovato Jr. Shares 11 Success Tips For BJJ Competitors

Rafael Lovato Jr. Shares 11 Success Tips For BJJ Competitors

What does it take to become a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu world champion? Well, it takes a lot of things – not “just” training hard.

Rafael Lovato Jr., one of the most decorated BJJ athletes in history, has shared his 11 success tips for BJJ competitors.
Let’s take a look at them:

  1. Purpose – Remember your “Why” & what you are fighting for. This is the foundation of your fighting spirit.
  2. Confidence – As long as you gave your best everyday in training, you have nothing to fear.
  3. Trust – Trust your instincts. If you feel it, go for it!!!
  4. Listen – Your coaches know best, do what they say.
  5. Strategy – It’s important to never fall behind. Bring them to your best positions, get ahead & stay ahead. Capitalize on mistakes & finish them when they break or get desperate.
  6. Awareness- The first minute & last minute are the most important times. Start strong & keep fighting until the very end. It’s not over until your hand is raised.
  7. Focus – Don’t pay attention to the crowd, the referee, the other person’s coaches, etc… It’s just you, your coaches, & your mission.
  8. Positive Self Talk Only – Doubt can creep in at any moment. Silence it by only telling yourself positive things. It’s time to be the superhero version of yourself.
  9. Attitude – Show who you are, your swag, your style.
  10. Gratitude – Health, team, family, doing what you love… plenty of reasons to be thankful. Harness the gratitude to give you even more strength.
  11. Enjoy the moment – Be Happy & Be Present – The future is never guaranteed. Fight like it could be the last competition of your life!!!


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