New World Record: Jiu-Jitsu Tournament at 14,000 ft

New World Record: Jiu-Jitsu Tournament at 14,000 ft

As if grappling wasn’t hard enough on the body, we figured, what could be better than a jiu-jitsu tournament on the top of Mount Evans? For our 2nd annual Pirates at the Peak event we fought it out at an altitude of 14,271 feet above sea level and just over half the oxygen, where one single match felt like completing a full open mat!

Due to this lack of oxygen, our rules were:
4-minute rounds
No Chokes
Standard Scoring
No Heal Hooks

Our main objective was to have fun, which we did. This was an absolutely amazing experience. The top of the mountain (as well as the drive up) was gorgeous. Despite how hard it was to compete, the matches and time spent with our gym members was a blast.

Special shout outs to:

The Kompound Training Center, member of The Lovato Jiu-Jitsu Association

Professor Brad Nico for Reffing (and teaching us everything we know)

Brown belt Dan Humke for organizing the tournament

Team EarSplintz for filming and producing

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