Mikey Musumeci: “Being Uncomfortable Makes Us Grow”

Mikey Musumeci: “Being Uncomfortable Makes Us Grow”

Mikey Musumeci often felt like the odd one out – moving between schools and Jiu-Jitsu academies as a kid and teenager…
Looking back, though, he understands how those experiences shaped him.

Here’s what he had to share in an interview with the ONE Championship:

I used to be so afraid of being uncomfortable. I used to be horrified of it.

But then when you get older, you realize that the second you stop making yourself uncomfortable is the second you stop living, so I don’t run away from it anymore.

He recalled:

Me as a kid moving around a lot, it definitely made me more comfortable.

Because maybe it was a new place, maybe it was a new state, maybe it was a new group of people I never knew…
But the second you started training with them, you instantly feel at home. Everyone’s connected with Jiu-Jitsu.

Nowadays, “Darth Rigatoni” is the one offering advice to those feeling out of place.

He believes that growth comes from discomfort – as by embracing it, people can evolve.
Musumeci emphasized:

Change is always going to be new and change is always uncomfortable. But change makes us grow.
Being uncomfortable makes us grow. So I would say to embrace the uncomfortability.

When you have a chance to be uncomfortable, take it – because it’s just gonna make you grow in the long run, and you’re gonna learn more.

So, you might be uncomfortable for a while; but it’s great for you.
And always try to have more new experiences. You will adapt every. You always adapt over time.


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