Middle-Aged Guy Tries To Train in 6 BJJ Academies in a Single Day

Middle-Aged Guy Tries To Train in 6 BJJ Academies in a Single Day

Do you always feel wiped out after Jiu Jitsu? Always sore the next day barely able to perform? Well meet Marcus Greatwood a free diver and BJJ purple belt who trains under Roger Gracie and Judo Olympic silver medalsit/BJJ black belt Ray Stevens . Mr Greatwood gave the good old finger to overtraining and opted to do 6 BJJ sessions in 6 Academies in just 1 day!

Most (normal) people will train 2 times a week at best. If you do the math, that’s 8 times a month, being consistent and without taking breaks, which means 96 times a year. Marcus tried to do that in one day…

Training 6x a day is usually reserved for elite BJJ and grappling athletes:

Olympic Silver Medalist Travis Stevens’s Training Week: 6 Sessions/Day!

This is not the first time that Marcus has tested himself, last year he travelled to LA and did 15 sessions at 10th planet HQ in just 5 days:

Guy Did 15 BJJ Training Sessions In 5 Days – Here’s How It Went

Here’s how he captioned his latest incredible feat:

“How many times in a day can I train? I thought – let’s step it up to how many places can I train in a day? (Before you ask – yes on a Vegan diet!)”

Would he get overtrained and injured or would he improve immensely?

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