Guy Did 15 BJJ Training Sessions In 5 Days – Here’s How It Went

Guy Did 15 BJJ Training Sessions In 5 Days – Here’s How It Went

Do you always feel wiped out after Jiu Jitsu? Always sore the next day barely able to perform? Well meet Marcus Greatwood. Mr Greatwood gave the good old finger to overtraining and opted to do 15 sessions in just 5 days!
Here’s how he captioned his incredible feat:

“I came to LA to learn from a Jujitsu renegade master Eddie Bravo
In 2003 he looked at BJJ from a completely new angle, and people laughed & belittled him.
Now with over 100 schools around the world his ideas are compulsory if you want to compete at any level.
I’ve met him a couple of times , done a couple of sessions at his schools & with him.
The ONLY way to really get something true is to dive in.
5 days in LA…. 15 10th Planet sessions.
How does he pass on this knowledge?
ANS:make up a new language
What does he say to his critics?
ANS: nothing, just let them get on.”

There are really simple ways to know if you are overtraining. Here are the symptoms:

– Lack of enjoyment during class
– Slight fevers
– Series of injuries
– Delayed reaction times
– Depression
– Constant soreness and tiredness
– Lack of motivation to go to training

If these things happen, don’t hesitate to take a break. Either don’t do any Jiu-Jitsu for a few days or do a completely different sport for a while (to stay in shape).You will also perform better after a break. Doing one class with a fresh body and mind is better than doing three classes feeling tired and bored.Resting is as important as training.

In fact most fight camps consist of less training sessions as pros usually combine lifting and bjj upto twice a day. One notable exception might be Gordon Ryan who once detailed a staggering work out schedule consisting of Three Trainings a Day Plus Strength training.

Here’s how it went for the freediver and 10th planet fan Greatwood:

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