JT Torres: “My Father Has Always Been My #1 Fan”

JT Torres: “My Father Has Always Been My #1 Fan”

Having a strong support system around yourself is extremely important.
Both in everyday life and for when you’re trying to create something big.

Jonathan “JT” Torres understands that well. He’s had a long and difficult road to becoming one of the highest-caliber, most successful BJJ athletes in history…
But his father was always there for him.

Torres took it to social media to share the appreciation he has for his dad:

So grateful to have my father in my corner since day 1.
My biggest fan there is.

Always loved me and encouraged me even if was I getting silvers at Nagas or winning golds at ADCC.
He understood the process from day 1. He saw the bigger picture since the beginning.

JT’s father was always there for his son, supporting him:

I would get really bent out of shape when I would lose in the beginning of my career, but he would always tell me: “Papi, these are all experiences that will prepare you to win at the highest level one day”, and boy was he right.

Trust the process! The road is full with learning experiences!
Use them to elevate!