Craig Jones: “Sambo Is A Myth, It Doesn’t Exist”

Craig Jones: “Sambo Is A Myth, It Doesn’t Exist”

Alexander Volkanovski will face Islam Makhachev on October 21st, in Abu Dhabi – on less than two weeks’ notice.
But Craig Jones is convinced that Volkanovski will beat Makhachev… And show that “Sambo isn’t real”.

Here is what he had to say in an interview with the Submission Radio:

It makes him a man that disproved Sambo, and that will trump his legacy in the sport because we’ve wasted another martial art.

Most martial arts were killed in 1993. Somehow, Sambo has limped and lingered on to 2023.
So Volkanovski kills Sambo, and we get to stop hearing about this Russian dancer.

Jones explained further:

We’ve heard about catch wrestling. We’ve heard about Sambo. We’ve never seen it work.

If Islam gets a submission, that’s a Jiu-Jitsu submission. If he gets a takedown, that’s a judo takedown. If he shoots a double-leg, that’s a wrestling move.
So for me, where’s Sambo? Sambo is a myth. It doesn’t exist.

Lastly, he added that the tactics against Makhachev this time… Will change a bit:

The last fight, we spent a ton of time on submission defense.
Obviously, that’s a waste of time because as we learned, Islam doesn’t know any submissions. He just holds on to the back for 20 minutes.

This time, we’ll probably get out of the body triangle.
There was no submission threat at all, so Volk was just chilling, getting energy back, punching him in the head. This time, we’ll get out of that.