Craig Jones Reveals His Stero*d Pack For Upcoming Superfight with Rafael Lovato Jr

Craig Jones Reveals His Stero*d Pack For Upcoming Superfight with Rafael Lovato Jr

The UFC Fight Pass Invitational 6, set for March 3rd, 2024, is gearing up to be a super exciting event in the submission grappling world!

Why? Well, among other things, because it’s just been revealed that Craig Jones and Rafael Lovato Jr. will battle it out on the mats.


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Both Jones and Lovato Jr. have left long-lasting marks on the sport of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.
The most recent competition that saw them together on the mats – albeit not against each other – was ADCC 2022.

Jones won a silver medal, while Lovato Jr. came close to the podium – securing a fourth-place finish.

Certain performance-enhancing drugs have become more commonly used in professional submission grappling competitions, with some events turning a blind eye to their widespread use among top athletes.

Craig Jones, a two-time silver medalist at ADCC and leader of team B-Team, recently advanced the discussion around performance-enhancers by revealing details of his regimen.

As explained in the accompanying video, Jones plans to intensify his performance-enhancing drug use in preparation for the match.

Consistent with his style, Jones’ comments included humor as well as what some interpret as an implied comparison to a former teammate.

Guys, today I’m revealing my UFC Fight Pass Invitational 4 steroid stack. So I’ll be preparing against Rafael Lovato and I have to take my recovery seriously. The cornerstone of recovery for me is steroids.

There’s a lot of misinformation out there about recovery methods for athletes and regular people. It’s all revolved around saunas and cold plunges. But really, deep down, we all know what that really is. It’s not recovery. That’s a large group of lonely men who desperately need a friend and they’ve forgotten how to ask another man how to hang out. They have to get on the horn and say, ‘Hey, have you heard about heat shock proteins? You should really come around to my house and jump in the sauna with me and after that, we’ll have a cold plunge.’

Guys, The sauna, ice bath epidemic isn’t about recovery, it’s about loneliness. You want to take recovery seriously, get on steroids, and this is my steroid stack revealed right here: 200 mg of testosterone cypionate, 200 mg of deca and 50 mg a day of anavar. That’s what I’ll be taking for this Rafael Lovato match, and it’s provided by my sponsor, Evertitan.


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