BJJ & Judo Black Belt Brian Glick’s Advice On Making Excuses: “You’re In Trouble…”

BJJ & Judo Black Belt Brian Glick’s Advice On Making Excuses: “You’re In Trouble…”

Alright, be honest with us (and yourself) for a second, and ask yourself…
How often do you make excuses – on the Jiu-Jitsu mats and life alike?

Well, if you really want to improve and not stay as you were (no matter the area of life) for decades to come, you need to shift your focus away from “what” or “who” is at fault…
Towards the why.

Brian Glick, a Judo black belt and a BJJ black belt under John Danaher, explains why this is the case:

Looking for excuses is the first sign you’re in trouble.

Even before there’s a problem, your subconscious starts searching for someone or something to blame “just in case”.
Then, if your effort falls short or things don’t work out, you have something to point to.

Excuses always shift the opportunity to fix what’s wrong AWAY from you – which is the very opposite of control and how we approach Jiu-Jitsu.

Every day there’s something that doesn’t go your way – so try looking for the reasons WHY instead of WHO or WHAT ELSE could be at fault.

Glick continues:

Go back to the drawing board if you need to, see if you can rebuild the problem from the ground up.

One of the great things about what we do is that you get opportunities for this sort of thing every time you’re on the mat.
When you don’t deny responsibility for your shortcomings, you can use that time for problem-solving instead of excuse-finding.


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