BJJ Advice: Unsure What To Do? Go For The Back

BJJ Advice: Unsure What To Do? Go For The Back

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is a martial art of many options. There are so many things that can happen during a roll, so many variations to any given situation, that you can never know what might happen next.
But the matter of the fact is that, sometimes, you will not know what to do next either. Which is when you should go for the back.

Why? Well, take it from none other than John Danaher:

Unsure where to go next? You can never go wrong by chasing the back.

In a world of competing options many of which are very enticing, it’s nice to know there is one option that can literally never go wrong and which you know ahead of time outperforms every other option.

In jiu jitsu, that option is the back – get there and your chances of finishing an opponent climb massively and the chances of him doing anything threatening back to you are minimal.

Whenever you’re in a neutral position, your goal should be to take the back:

In every neutral position, scramble and escape – MAKE THE BACK YOUR DEFAULT OPTION – it will give your game a sense of direction and decisiveness that will greatly benefit you.


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